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The Best Products for the Best Painters


Benjamin Moore uses the Gennex system of colorants to provide a superior product that promises great durability, superior hide, zero-VOC, and excellent fade resistance. Normally colorants weaken paint making it thinner and harder to apply, but the zero-VOC Gennex colorants work to fortify the paint, helping to maintain its original viscosity in every color. This ensures that your paint job will be an investment in (and on) your home that you can be proud of for years to come. Below, we break down the advantages:



  • Extreme hide

  • Unprecedented durability

  • Spatter free durability

  • Excellent flow and leveling

  • Uniquely smooth finish

  • Mildew resistant

  • Fast drying

  • Available in 4 sheens

Covers like no other paint on the market. Thanks to their Color Lock technology, Aura Paint covers more completely and dries more quickly to an exceptionally durable and uniquely smooth finish. You get outstanding results and save time and money.



  • Outstanding flow and leveling in every finish

  • Stays white longer than traditional alkyds

Offers the unique performance of traditional oil in a low VOC, low odor formula. Exceptional product for cabinets, woodwork, and trim. Goes on smooth and dries to a hard finish. Can be tinted in any color. For best results apply once coat of primer and 1 to 2 coats of finish.


Muresco Ceiling Paint

  • Features solid hiding and easy application

  • Resists spattering when applied with a roller

  • Tones down ceiling glare and provides maximum diffused light

  • Provides a beautiful uniform flat finish

A premium quality vinyl-acrylic coating specially formulated for ceilings will provide a beautiful, uniform flat finish.


Aura Bath & Spa

  • Designed for bathrooms and spas

  • Extreme hide and coverage

  • Mildew resistant

  • Color Lock technology for exceptional color

  • No color rub-off

  • Stains wash off easily

  • Excellent touch-ups

  • Paint and primer together

  • Easy application

  • Long-lasting, fresh look

  • Easy cleanup

  • Zero VOC*

With a beautiful matte finish, Aura Bath & Spa is a premium-quality interior paint specially formulated to resist mildew growth in humid areas such as bathrooms and spas.


Ben Exterior

  • A premium-quality 100% acrylic latex flat finish

  • Provides a breathable surface for maximum durability

  • Resistant to peeling and cracking

  • Low-temperature application down to 4.4° C (40°F)

  • Excellent color retention

  • Blister resistant

  • Excellent hiding

  • Resists new mildew formation

  • Fast, simple cleanup with soapy water

  • 25-year warranty

Ben Premium Exterior latex paint is a 100% acrylic latex paint that delivers dependable performance, application, and appearance. It is a premium quality, environmentally friendly with low VOC, and is designed to meet the needs of a value-conscious consumer.


Ben Interior

  • Acrylic Blend

  • 30 minutes dry time to touch, 1 hour to re-coat

This zero-VOC interior paint is an acrylic blended latex flat coating designed for application to a wide variety of surfaces. Produces a decorative and uniform flat finish with excellent hiding.


Ultra Spec 500

  • Patent Pending cross-linking resin technology

  • Zero VOC waterborne formula qualifies for LEED credit - a green promise

  • Dries quickly for same day return to service

  • Seamless touchups at any time

  • Available in any color

  • Available in 5 finishes

  • MPI approved

A zero VOC professional-quality interior coating designed to meet the needs of professional painting contractors, facility managers, and property managers. It's been formulated to provide great work with less effort.


INSL-X Cabinet Coat

  • Ultra-smooth finish

  • Urethane-acrylic formula

  • Refurbishes worn cabinets

  • Covers hard-to-coat surfaces without a primer

Cabinet Coat is the ultimate finish for refurbishing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelving, furniture, trim, and crown molding. Delivers an ultra-smooth, factory-like finish with long-lasting beauty. Adheres to "hard-to-stick" surfaces, including polyurethane and varnish, without a primer.


Satin Impervo

  • Extreme hide

  • Unprecedented durability

  • Spatter free durability

  • Excellent flow and leveling

  • Uniquely smooth finish

  • Mildew resistant

  • Fast drying

  • Available in 4 sheens

A premium quality, low lustre, alkyd enamel. Satin Impervo Enamel possesses superb leveling and hiding qualities and is easy to apply with a brush, roller, or spray gun. It has excellent sag resistance and clings to sharp edges and corners.



ARBORCOAT Premium Exterior Stains offer a variety of opacities in an array of captivating colors that let you express your own unique style. These finishes are designed to enhance the appearance of your deck, siding, or outdoor wood furniture with outstanding color retention.


Regal Select

  • Outstanding durability & washability in any finish

  • Excellent hide

  • Quick-drying for fast recoats

  • Zero VOC, low odor

  • Paint & Primer together

  • Available in thousands of colors

Regal Select offers the premium performance and smooth application you've come to expect from our classic paint, with the added benefits of cutting-edge new technologies. Thanks to our proprietary waterborne resins and zero VOC colorants, Regal Select is both a paint and primer in one advanced formula.


Waterborne Ceiling Paint

  • Ultra-flat finish absorbs light, hides imperfections

  • Amble open time ensures minimal lapping

  • Formulated for minimal spatter

  • Available in all colors in our 4 base system, plus Ceiling White

  • Dries quickly for fast recoats and fast job turning, saving you time & money

  • Waterborne formula offers Zero VOC and low odor for a safer environment and quick return to room functionality

Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling paint surpasses all other ceiling paints currently available. Specially formulated for ceilings, Waterborne Ceiling Paint is ultra-flat – the flattest finish we offer – hiding common ceiling imperfections for a look that is virtually flawless. Spatter resistant with ample open time to avoid lap marks. Waterborne Ceiling paint ensures every interior paint job is outstanding from top to bottom.



A premium quality, 100% acrylic interior and exterior primer formulated for sealing and suppressing most bleeding type stains: including crayon, graffiti, grease marks, water stains; cedar and redwood bleed; asphalt, creosote, rust, and smoke. In cases of severe bleeding, a solvent-based primer should be used to prevent stains from reappearing. Fresh Start All Purpose 100% Acrylic Primer combines many of the qualities desired in a primer: high hiding, excellent adhesion (even over chalky surfaces), blister resistance, quick-dry, spatter proof, and minimal odor with excellent flow and leveling.


Aura Exterior

  • Extreme hide and coverage

  • Color Lock technology for exceptional color

  • Superior fade resistance

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Easy to apply with brush, roller or spray

  • Resists cracking, peeling, blistering, alkali, dirt, and fumes

  • Superior adhesion

Aura Exterior combines the outstanding advantages of our proprietary resins and Color Lock® technology to deliver rich, full color and unprecedented durability. Aura protects against cracking, peeling, and fading and is also mildew and stain-resistant. Aura Exterior is available in thousands of colors.

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